We seek the help of career counselors to guide our members. It helps them in becoming goal oriented and ambitious towards their tasks.

What We Offer?

MAPDC always aims to benefit professionals and individuals of the community by supporting them. In order to excel in a career and obtain meaningful work, MAPDC trains its members by offering online courses to learn. The courses offered are not only highly effective and productive but also cost-effective.A wide range of courses are offered which focuses on:

  • Communication skills
  • Self-assessment
  • Business analysis
  • Critical thinking
  • Facilitating career development
  • Professional skills

You are never too old to learn something new. If you want to stand out then grab the super beneficial chance of learning something new.

How We Help You?

If you are one of those job seekers looking for perfect career advice, then you have come to the right place. Career counselors at MAPDC have proved to be an excellent resource for our customers. Our community is filled with fresh graduates who need proper guidance to choose their path. MAPDC organize seminars and counseling lectures for its members. It gives them a chance to share their stories with experts and get the best possible advice for their future.

Our career counseling aids not only beginners but also adults who have been struggling to get their dream job. If you know how to help our members or even want guidance for your career, then become a part of our effective community for a better future.